Calgary Academy of Chefs and Cooks - Promoting the Culinary Arts

About Us

The Calgary Academy of Chefs and Cooks is the local branch of the Canadian Culinary Federation. We are a professional not for profit association promoting the culinary arts. The Association was formed at the first meeting held at the Crossroads Hotel in the fall of 1958, and was incorporated in 1961 as the Academy of Chefs Calgary. The familiar name CACC we now use dates back to 1986. In 2004 the name designation CCFCC Calgary Branch was added.

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Past Presidents

1960-61        Einar Nielsen
1961-62        Paul Mastalir CCC
1962-63        Eric Lewicki
1963-64        Einar Nielsen
1964-65        Mike Southam
1965-66        John Hunter CCC
1966-67        Tony Marston
1967-68        Don Cutler
1968-69        Henri Dane CCC
1969-70        Bert Quaintance
1970-71        Walter Varvazosky CCC
1971-72        Paul Mastalir CCC
1972-73        Manfred Scholerman
1973-75        Fred Balmer
1975-76        Henri Dane CCC
1977-78        Fritz Painsi 

1979-80        Mike Southam CCC
1980-81        Fred Balmer
1982-83        Otto Daniels CCC
1983             Mike Southam CCC
1983-85        Reg Hendrickson CCC
1985-88        Arthur Raynor CCC
1988-90        Max Ruegsegger CCC
1990-91        Sean Toner CCC
1991-92        Vince Parkinson CCC
1992-98        Ronald Glover CCC
1998-01        Don Turnbull
2001- 05       Blake Chapman
2005- 07       Andy Waters
2007- 09       Don Turnbull
2009- 13       Martin Makulowich CCC
2013- 18       Fred Malley CCC

2018            Steven Szostak


Chef of the Year

The person named has demonstrated a long term commitment towards promoting our Association or publicizing our chosen profession locally and/or nationally, thus benefiting us all. The number of meetings attended, the level of involvement in Academy or Nationally sanctioned functions, a willingness to advance our trade by having apprentices on staff or involvement in culinary programs, participation in culinary salons or other public demonstrations are all areas of consideration.

These people shall remain Good Will Ambassadors of our trade.

1975    Henri Dane CCC  
1976    Henri Dane CCC
1977    Fred Balmer        
1978    Kurt Amsler CCC
1979    Reg Hendrickson CCC      
1980    Ronald Glover CCC
1981    John Walker CCC   
1982    Anton Fynebuik CCC
1983    Paul Mastalir CCC       
1984    Arthur Raynor CCC
1985    Ernst Egli CCC       
1986    Fred Zimmerman CCC
1987    Clive Chamberlen   
1988    John Hunter CCC
1989    Bruno Musa CCC    
1990    Brian Plunkett CCC
1991    Phil Hunt CCC     
1992    Dario Oteruelo CCC    
1993    Joseph Wetteskind CCC


1994    Martin Luthi
1995    Vince Parkinson CCC
1997    Dean Mitchell CCC & Don Turnbull
1998    Resi Mendoza CCC
1999    Don Turnbull          
2000    Gerd Steinmeyer CCC
2001    Ron Foo               
2002    Andy Waters
2003    Beat Hegnauer CCC 
2004    Christopher Sprentz CCC
2005    Martin Heuser                 
2006    Blake Chapman
2007    Brad Horen         
2008    Chris Thomson CCC
2009    Richard Thomas
2010    Peter Syriste CCC
2011    Dana Rogers CCC
2012    Beat Hegnauer CCC
2013    Derek Dale CCC
2014    Jun Causapin
2015    Martin Makulowich
2016    Daryl Kerr

2017    Mikael Volke CCC


Educator of the Year

This individual is actively sharing their culinary knowledge with students, apprentices, colleagues, etc.. College and High School programs are highlighted, but other venues, such as Chefs with apprentices, also qualify. Promoting interest in the Culinary Arts in general is an asset and involving novices in our Association is an important consideration. Long term service to the Academy is crucial overriding single year achievements.

1988 Tom Fynebuik CCC
1989 Peter Schuster CCC
1990 Margaret Turner CCC
1991 Peter Siegenthaler CCC
1992 Helmut Schoderbock CCC
1993 Colin Maxwell CCC
1994 Wolfgang Stampe CCC
1995 Gerd Steinmeyer CCC
1997 Fred Malley CCC
1998 Margaret Turner CCC
1999 Maxwell Lawrence CCC
2000 Otto Daniels CCC
2001 Beat Hegnauer CCC
2002 Fred Malley CCC
2003 Margaret Turner CCC
2004 Martin Heuser
2005 Larry Frandle
2006 Age Van Leeuwen CCC
2007 Andrew Fowler
2008 Martin Makulowich CCC
2009 Sean Toner CCC
2010 Chris Murphy
2011 Blake Chapman
2012 Peter Syriste CCC
2013 Rupert Kaupp CCC
2014 Simon Dunn CCC
2015 Andy Waters 
2016 Mikael Volke CCC
2017 William Wentze


Member of the Year

This candidate continually supports and promotes the CACC. This award is open to all membership categories. Regularly attending meetings and participation in Academy events are essential criteria. This candidate best exemplifies what is good about this industry, our chosen profession and our Association. Long term service to the CACC is deemed essential.

1988 Brian Simpson
1989 Alf Saunders
1990 Fred Whitmore
1991 T. Boisjolis
1992 Rowena Morris
1993 Jennifer Phinney CCC
1994 Alfonso Morandi CCC
1995 Sean Toner CCC
1997 Clive Chamberlen
1998 Tom Fynebuik CCC
1999 Jennifer Phinney CCC
2000 Ron Foo
2001 Ulrich Kuenz
2002 Adela Curtean
2003 Clive Chamberlen
2004 John Pasley CCC
2005 Mike Rasmussen CCC
2006 John Walker CCC
2007 Ernst Egli CCC
2008 Tom & Fanny Fynebuik
2009 Blake Chapman
2010 Michelle O’Reilly
2011 Beat Hegnauer CCC
2012 Greg Trimming
2013 Helmut Schoderbock CCC
2014 Bryan Ursulan CCC
2015 Dean Mitchell
2016 Andy Waters
2017 Ulrich Keunz

Associate of the Year

An award to recognize an Associate member that has supported Academy ideals and goals throughout the year; support is demonstrated by attending meetings and social functions, helping organize CACC events and supporting in unscripted manner our Association and our chosen profession.

1988 Canadian Pacific Hotels
1989 John Birk
1990 Western Quality Meats, Mr Dennis Kazakoff, account representative.
1991 Camera Foods Marketing
1992 Valbella Meats, Mr Walter VonRotz
1993 Western Quality Meats, Mr Glenn Baxter
1994 Calgary Food Equipment, Mr Bill Peters
1995 Marie Dickenson
1997 World Wide Foods, Mr Dave Russel, account representative.
1998 Trason Marketing, Mr Tom Shindruk
1999 Billingsgate Fish Company, Mr Bryan Fallwell, President.
2000 WOW Factor Desserts, Mr Warren Koskey, account representative.
2001 Suzanne Tenold, Alberta Agriculture.
2002 Ocean Food Sales, Mr Dave Howell, account representative.
2003 SYSCO Calgary, Vaughan Thomson, President
2004 Kraft food Services- Western, Michael Virzi, Manager
2005 Alberta Learning, Mr Bruce Comfort
2006 John Birk, Bridge Brand / GFS
2007 Mike Mitchell, Ocean Foods
2008 Ivan Sgarbossa & Weston Food Service 
2009 Al Kennedy, Advantage Foodservice
2010 GFS Calgary supporting High School Culinary Arts
2011 Alberta Cheese
2012 World Wide Foods
2013 SYSCO Calgary
2014 Al Kennedy
2015 David Crowfoot
2017 Dawn Foods


President's Award

The President of the C.A.C.C. has the privilege, and indeed the responsibility, to recognize from time to time an individual or group of individuals who, through exemplary conduct and devotion, support the principles and goals of this Association. This dedication to Academy ideals must have a long standing tradition and is recognized through the President’s Award.

2004       Anton Fynebuik, Alfonso Morandi, Bruno Musa, Ernst Egli
2005       Fanny Fynebuik, Ulrich Keunz
2006       Brad Horen   
2011       Great Events Group
2013       Evelyn Makulowich
2014       Gerd Steinmeyer, Margaret Turner
2015       Michael Nowik, Werner Kohl, Daryl Kerr

2016       Stephen Szostak

2017       Spragg's Meat Shop, Sofina Foods, Meta4 Foods, Calgary Italian Bakery, Blu's Seafood, The bear and Flower Farm, Marilyn Malley



Industry Recognition Award

This award was first handed out in March 2004.

The intent of this award is to recognize outstanding long term service and dedication to the Calgary community from within our hospitality and food service industry. The recipient need not be a member of our Association but must provide a beneficial service to the community and shed a positive light upon our chosen profession. This award mirrors the CACC ideals of representing the hospitality & food service industry in a professional and positive manner.

2003       Mike Hatzistamatis, Mikonos Restaurant
2004       The Tamagi Family, Bridge Brand
2005       Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli
2006       John Gilchrist
2007       Calgary Inter Faith Food Bank
2008       Community Kitchen of Calgary
2009       City Palate
2010       not awarded
2011       Calgary Farmers Market
2012       Chef's Hat Inc.
2013       Culinaire Magazine, Linda Garson
2014       Canada Safeway/Sobey's West
2015       Tony James/ World Wide Specialty Foods